Lethal Street Self Defense Tips From Bas Rutten

Bas Rutten is one of my favorite old school fighters. He’s been around from the beginning. Bas was a UFC Heavyweight Champion, a three-time King of Pancrase world champion, and finished his career on a 22 fight unbeaten streak. He also put out a lot of educational fight content in books, DVDs and workout equipment.

One of the most watched DVDs is Bas Rutten’s "Lethal Street Fighting" Self Defense System. Original edited down version of the video had over 1 million views on Youtube. Since, it has been taken down but there are re-uploads for you to watch.

The short video definitely has entertainment value but make sure to check out the full DVD version here.

Home Security

My 7 Home Security Tips Without Spending Anything

Last week a neighbor’s house got robbed.

2 months ago, a house down the street got robbed by a duo that has been breaking into houses around the neighborhood. Since then, they have been caught.

Two unrelated cases, two different set of people. Way too close to my house.

Now, since I don’t want to spend a lot of money on a security system and pay a subscription fee every month, I needed to do something. So, I set up rules for myself and my family that have to be followed until they become a habit.

I recommend you read these, and take away what is useful and discard what isn’t. Not all of these may be possible. Some may seem very obvious, but never underestimate anyone…

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Zombie Survival

The Worst Zombie Survival Game Of The Year – Walking Dead: Survival Instinct

I am always excited for any FPS (first-person-shooter) zombie survival games that come out. I am often disappointed. When I heard that Walking Dead series will have its own fps game from Activision, I was excited. Even the name sounded cool, The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct. Urban environments, open world, south. Count me in.

Well, that is until I saw early gameplay footage.

Comments to the video above were not nice, but truth hurts.

"Is it just me or do the graphics look like they are not to far past PS1 quality? lol. It doesn’t seem like they put that much effort or money into it. Fuck Activision they should team up with Rockstar

Self-Defense Zombie Survival

Zombie Combat: Self Defense Techniques

What Should You Do If You Get Hand-to-Hand Combat with a Zombie?

When you run out of ammo, lost your blades, and have nothing to fall back on, you need to know what you should do in order to survive.

Last resort you have against the infected is your body.

Your body is a tool. It is a weapon.

But there are certain self-defense techniques will actually get you killed if used against the zombies.

Self-defense or hand-to-hand combat against zombies comes down to grappling, striking and kicking.

Which should you use and which should you avoid?


Going to the ground is the worst-case scenario for survival against the infected. Ground techniques allow zombies to be within biting distance and the chances…

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Zombie Survival

How to Use Knives, Machetes, Parang and an Axe to Kill a Zombie

You are alone. You are scavenging for food and water in an apartment complex.

You’ve never been here before and this is not a place you want to stay for very long.

You told yourself that you’d be in and out.

photo: habeebee

But, your presence alerts nearby infected.

Alternate escape route is out of the question. The only exit is where you just came from.  It is being blocked by 3 walkers. Who are now approaching you.

You currently have 8 rounds left in your Glock19.

If you use your handgun, you could alert more infected. You don’t know if there are more around or if this is it. You can’t risk it. You don’t want any…

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Zombie Survival

Best 6 Zombie Survival Games for Apocalypse Training

These 6 Games Will Eat Your Brain

Zombies are a constant reminder of an epidemic that is just around the corner.

Is there anything you could do to train and practice before the infected come knocking down your door?

Is there anything you can do to teach yourself to make difficult decisions under pressure? To shoot the brains, instead of targeting the large body mass? To look for a nearby exit when you enter a new environment? To look for supplies and always watch your six?

Of course.

In the following list of zombie survival games you will fight horde of infected, help each other heal, build a bond and leadership. You will practice tactics and strategies in…

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How to Take a Subway Train in NYC and Live to Tell About It

Four habits for taking a subway train and arriving in one piece.

4 strategies for arriving safely at your destination.

Photo by Moriza

Within last month, there were two reported death stories of individuals who were pushed onto the train tracks.

First took place on Dec 3. Manhattan. A male was pushed by another male, reportedly after he heard voices in his head, telling him to do it. You may have seen a disturbing picture that came out right after, taken by a freelance photographer. News link.

Second took place on Dec. 28. Queens. Woman pushes a man in front of the train. News link.

Some official responses and opinions say that more money needs to be spend on…

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Bulgarian Assassination Attempt and How It Could Save Your Life – Six Secrets of Krav Maga

What can Israeli Special Forces teach you about avoiding death, defending yourself and protecting your family?

Don’t leave your house today until you read this.

Have you seen the failed assassination attempt that happened recently in Bulgaria? Turkish party leader was delivering a speech until a man walked onto the stage, pulled out a gun and what looked like, pulled the trigger.

Few seconds later, other delegates rushed the stage and tackled the assailant.

Wow. Close call. How lucky was that?


News Link:

This made me think. Those moments between when the assailant walks on to the stage and points a gun … squeezes the trigger … nothing happens … realization … reaction from the politician.…

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